Adventure at Porcfest XI, Part V

One of the nice things about Porcfest was seeing anarcho-capitalists and other folks with extreme views getting along with folks with not extreme views. People who disagree on things can get along respectfully.

Signs that Free State Project participants and sympathizers are willing to align with people with different but similar goals, willing to align with a wide variety of people and movements:

  • There was a booth for the Freedom and Unity Festival, and it got a lot of traffic
  • People affiliated with Occupy Wall Street being invited to give speeches
  • The existence of a “Libertarians Against Capitalism” panel
  • Outside-the-system purists shaking hands with political candidates…
This was the event known as Buzz's Big Gay Dance Party. People are gaying it up! (photo by Tennyson McCalla)

This was the event known as Buzz’s Big Gay Dance Party. People are gaying it up! (photo by Tennyson McCalla)

My costume. While wearing this, I was approached by a government official, who grabbed my nipples. It’s okay I egged them on.

New Hampshire is most definitely a gay-friendly State. It also is home to one of the largest LGBT-themed dance parties on the US east coast. I came to the party and shook my tail like I meant it!

The party was probably 90+ percent heterosexual. The way to identify the people who actually were LGBT was to notice the people who were most conservative in their behavior and dress.

No part of my costume was crucial, except the bowtie, which was done simply for satire. Bowties have certain cultural connotations.

How many bigwigs, Very Important Persons, and other such celebrities were at Porcfest? Well, it’s a number than cannot be known. Due to its subjectivity (who is a bigwig is subjective). and due to the fact that the campground is so big, and Porcfest is so big (in terms of attendees); You can’t bump into everyone. I do know one thing. People who are well-versed in Bitcoin and are well-versed in speaking about Bitcoin are celebrities and very important in my heart.

Could you get a more fabulous collection of great people?

Could you get a more fabulous collection of great people? (photo by Tennyson McCalla)

The Bitcoin Group recorded an episode face-to-face. In person. Everyone there. So cool! If Andreas Antonopoulos would have been there, half of Porcfest would have crapped their pants.

I spent silver while I was there. I used Shire Silver, which comes in the size and shape of a credit card. One of the things that makes it one of the best forms of spendable silver (it is silver made in convenient carrying size, not large pieces to be held on as an investment) is that it comes in grams. To hell with the King! And his measurements! The good people of the world have gotten rid of British rule and should also be getting rid of the King’s old systems of measurement, like ounces.


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