My Porcfest Adventure, Part I

I attended the Porcupine Freedom Festival, usually known as PorcFest. This is Porcfest XI. The event keeps getting bigger.

This an event that draws attention to the Free State Project. Many of the attendees are people who are natives in New Hampshire and are Free State Project sympathizers. Some are people who have already moved to New Hampshire for the Project. Some are people who have never lived in New Hampshire before. Finally, some are people who’ve never even been to New Hampshire! (I fall into that last group)

A table I saw next to the bathroom with an arbitrary collection of junk on it. What's that I see to the left? A box...

A table I saw next to the bathroom with an arbitrary collection of junk on it. What’s that I see to the left? A box…

The event was held at Roger’s Campground in Lancaster, NH. The White Mountains. The view of the stars at night, with no light pollution (no photos unfortunately), it was very nice. But enough about the location. This event lasted from Sunday June 22nd and ended the next Sunday. It was a week of fun!
...a box of condoms.

…a box of condoms.

porcmontOne of the things that happens at PorcFest is appearance by some big-name celebrities (e.g. people who became famous before PorcFest was a thing) like Jeffrey Tucker and Nick Gillespie but this is not the focus of this series, this is my story, my first time in New Hampshire, and I’ve decided that a first-person narrative is much more fun.

Coming up, stories of poor trip planning, gov’t official hand-shaking, nipple-grabbing, gay-dancing, Bitcoin-accepting, Dogecoin-promoting, bigwig-speaking, anarcho-capitalist-associating, spiced rum-drinking, parchment paper-signing- Good time! Also stories about Mandatory Toothbrushing and shouting at an ATM.